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If you are facing criminal charges and are looking for an aggressive, affordable, and experienced attorney, you’ve come to the right place. Central Valley attorney M. Richard Alvarez devotes his practice to criminal defense. While some attorneys dabble in many areas of law, M. Richard Alvarez focuses his legal practice exclusively on criminal defense. Handling only criminal defense matters allows him to know this specialized area of law inside and out, which is a a big benefit to all of his clients, including you.
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Limiting his practice primarily to the Central Valley courts allows criminal defense attorney M. Richard Alvarez to have daily interaction with the prosecutors and judges on his "home turf." The daily interaction with the Visalia, Porterville, Hanford, Fresno, and Bakersfield prosecutors and judges affords attorney Alvarez the chance to forge strong relationships with the top decision makers. It also gives his clients the “local attorney advantage.” He personally knows the district attorneys who will be prosecuting and the local judges who will be judging a case — another big benefit to you and all of his clients.
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Being charged with a crime can be a confusing time. You want answers and you want them from someone who has been there and has gotten through it a thousand times. You do not need someone to sweet talk you or frighten you. Central Valley criminal defense attorney M. Richard Alvarez will give you the truth about the road ahead, the good and the bad. He will set out his goals for your case and how he intends on achieving them. In doing so, you build trust and a relationship with the person who is going to fight for your freedom. He handles all his cases personally. The man you shake hands with to start the case is the same one that will resolve your case. Criminal defense attorney M. Richard Alvarez prides himself not only in listening to you, his client, but also keeping you updated on your case. Phone calls are returned promptly.
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Central Valley criminal defense attorney M. Richard Alvarez has never stepped down from a fight and he fights for each and every one of his clients (including you). He is aggressive and gets to know your case better than the judge, prosecutors, and even you, the client. Aggressive preparation and a reputation in the courts as a fighter can make all the difference.
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Central Valley criminal defense attorney M. Richard Alvarez believes that the best defense is a good offense. That is why he has local valley investigators on hand to assist in the creation of a strong and aggressive defensive strategy, whatever the charges may be. The stronger the defense, the harder the prosecution will have to work to prove the defense attorney's client guilt. Therefore, showing the district attorney’s office that their case is weak and that we have a strong defense to the charge(s) will force the prosecutors to dismiss the case against you, or offer a plea bargain that is acceptable to you. Similarly, criminal defense attorney M. Richard Alvarez may use toxicologists, identification (ID) experts, gang experts, forced confession analysts, medical professionals, and various other experts to weaken a prosecutor’s case and force a dismissal or plea bargain that favors you. Lastly, attorney Alvarez believes that going on the offensive can prevent charges from ever being filed in the first place. From the time you are arrested up until the day of your first court hearing, the wheels of the justice system start to turn. The arresting agency completes their investigation and then meets with the local prosecutors to discuss the filing of criminal charges. Attorney M. Richard Alvarez believes that this “pre-filing” period is an opportunity to let the prosecutors know that there is more to this story than what the officer wrote in his arrest report. If we can provide facts or witnesses that can make the filing prosecutor rethink bringing charges, we can prevent a long drawn-out battle in court and end your nightmare right away.
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Central Valley criminal defense attorney M. Richard Alvarez has been practicing primarily in his clients’ home areas for the past 10 years. He will use his experience from working in the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office to your benefit. The relationships he has created and fostered have served his clients well for the past decade. Attorney M. Richard Alvarez knows the people who are prosecuting you and the judges who will be judging you personally. It is his experience and reputation that will allow him to handle your case with extreme competence, great enthusiasm, and your best interests in mind.

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